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 Nihola Family M 7V EL 48 300 kr

Den elektriska varianten kan levereras även med fotbroms bak.

The nihola Family cargo bike is our most popular model for families with children.

The Family cargo bike can carry up to 100 kg in the cabin and there is space for 2 children 81c28e14dbof up to the age of 7-8 years old on the bench.
As an alternative a carry cot or car seat can be used in the bottom of the cabin and a child or adult can sit on the bench. The bench can easily be removed without tools (if for example you want to fit just a carry cot).b335c95703

The cabin, which surrounds and protects the children, gives extra peace of mind because the frame is built up of a closed double tube frame without corners consisting of top and bottom frame tubes that are welded together with 5 vertical steel sections.
You can read more concerning our cargo bikes safety, service and quality here

The nihola Family cargo bike has, after testing, been called the best 3-wheeled cargo bike for child transportation by the Danish newspaper Politiken and the Dutch ”Fietsersbond” (Dutch Cyclist Union).4e3985b8cd

Technical Specifications
Total length: 2 meter
Total width: 89 cm/85 cm with turned front wheels
Weight: 32 kg
Max. load: 100 kg + rider
Height from cabin floor to rain hood: 104 cm
Height from child bench to rain hood: 78 cm
Transport box height: 50 cm
Max. width in cabin: 62 cm
Max. length in cabin: 88 cm
Contact your local dealer for more information about delivery and prices.
Family models
nihola Family SRAM 5 gear
half oval front, coasterbrake
nihola Family Shimano Nexus 8 gear
half oval front, freewheel & V-brake
StandardSONY DSC
Top quality black aluminium wheel rims, magura parking brake, screws and fittings in stainless steel, built-in fittings for dog belts, hand-built Danish frame with extra horizontal strengthening steel bars in the cabin, aluminium seat post and cabin floor, 8 cabin colours in top quality plastic, black powder coated frame, maintainance free steering with hydraulic damper.
Extra equipment
Rain hood in 6 optional colors
Childbench for 2 children incl. seatbelt
Y-belt for bench (recommended for children between 1-2 years)
Comfortable cushion for the bench
Quick release for the saddle
Insurance approved Axa-Basta lock
Transparent front
Transparent sides
Strong chainlock
Securitystraps for lift/car seat
Luggage rack
LED diodelight front
LED diodelight back
Opening aluminium door for the DOG model
Special frame color in RAL colour of your choice
3 puncture proof Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires
Flat front cover
Låsbart “garage”
Weber Babyshell
Weber headrest for the babyshell

Elsupport specifikationer
Motor: Sunstar SO3+ 250 W
Batteri: Lithium-ion 24 V/11 AH/285 WH
Topphastighed: 25 km/t
Uppladningstid (från 0 till 100%): ca. 5 1/2 timmar
Batteriets livstid: ca. 1.000 laddningar
Motorn, Sunstar SO3+, produceras i Japan och batteriet kommer från Sony.

Sunstar SO3+ motor: 14300,00kr
Ekstra batteri: 3.720,00kr

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